Policy of Cultural Affairs in Japan

Fiscal 2016


I Foundations for Cultural Administration

    1. The Organization of the Agency for Cultural Affairs
    2. Fundamental Law for the Promotion of Culture and the Arts and Basic Policy on the Promotion of Culture and the Art
    3. Council for Cultural Affairs
    4. Brief Overview of the Budget for the Agency for Cultural Affairs for FY 2016
    5. Commending Artistic and Related Personnel Achievement
    6. Cultural Publicity
    7. Private-Sector Support for the Arts and Culture
    8. Cultural Programs for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games
    9. Efforts for Cultural Programs Taking into Account Changes Surrounding Culture and Arts

II Nurturing the Dramatic Arts

    1. Effective Support for the Creative Activities of Performing Arts
    2. Japan Arts Fund
    3. Nurturing Upcoming Artists with Potentially Global Appeal
    4. Organizing the National Arts Festival

III Promoting the Media Arts and Films

    1. Promoting the Media Arts
    2. Promoting Film Arts

IV Promotion of Activities Enabling Children to Experience Arts and Culture

V Promoting Cultural Activities in Local Areas

    1. Strategic Plan for Integrated Use of Cultural Properties
    2. Facilitating Unique Artistic and Cultural Activities in Local Communities
    3. Encouraging Local Residents to Participate in Artistic and Cultural Activities
    4. Training Human Resources to Support Artistic and Cultural Activities
    5. Projects to Revitalize Theaters and Concert Halls etc.
    6. Development of a Cultural and Artistic Creative City
    7. Power of Culture Projects

VI Preservation and Utilization of Cultural Properties

    1. Outline of the System for Protecting Cultural Properties
    2. Tangible Cultural Properties
    3. Intangible Cultural Properties
    4. Folk Cultural Properties
    5. Monuments
    6. Cultural Landscapes
    7. Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings
    8. Conservation Techniques for Cultural Properties
    9. Buried Cultural Properties
    10. Promotion of Basic Scheme for Historic and Cultural Properties
    11. World Heritage
    12. Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage
    13. Cultural Heritage Online

VII Responding to Copyright Policies for a New Era

VIII Japanese-Language Policy and Japanese-Language
Education Policy

    1. Enhancing Policy Related to the Japanese Language
    2. Promoting Japanese Language Education for Foreigners

IX Dissemination of Japanese Culture and Measures for International
Cooperation through International Cultural Exchange

    1. Outline of International Cultural Exchange and Cooperation
    2. Comprehensive Promotion of International Cultural Exchange
    3. Promoting International Exchange and Cooperation for the Arts and Culture
    4. Promoting International Exchange and Cooperation Concerning Cultural Properties

X Promotion of the Ainu Culture

XI Religious Juridical Persons and Administration of Religious Affairs

XII Promoting Museums

    1. Support for Art Museums and History Museums
    2. Indemnity System for Works of Art etc.
    3. The System of Art Objects Enrollment
    4. National Archives of Modern Architecture

XIII National Cultural Facilities

Agency for Cultural Affairs' Actions After the Great East Japan

    1. Supporting Reconstruction Through Art and Culture
    2. Actions for Cultural Properties
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