Main countermeasures of Agency for Cultural Affairs for the Great East Japan Earthquake

  1. 1. Messages from Commissioner of Cultural Affairs

    Mr. Kondo, Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, has stated following four messages after the earthquake.

  2. 2. Dispatch of Senior Cultural Properties Specialists for investigation of the disaster‐stricken cultural properties.

    Agency for Cultural Affairs has dispatched Senior Cultural Properties Specialists to the disaster‐stricken areas by request of the boards of education.
    [131 cultural properties (in 9 prefectures) have been investigated till April 27, 2011]

  3. 3. Extension of the period for notification of damage or loss of Important Cultural Properties. [April 8, 2011]

  4. 4. Soft enforcement etc. of investigation of buried cultural properties. [March 25, 2011]

  5. 5. The Rescue Programme of the transportation of experts, materials, and storage of saved properties etc. [March 30, 2011]