Major cities designated by government ordinance

Municipality, Prefecture Department/Division URL e-mail Local Japanese
Sapporo City,
International Relations Section,
Department of International Affairs, Bureau of General Affairs
Sendai City,
Miyagi Prefecture
Exchange Policy Division, Promotion Services Sales Department
* Japanese language programs are provided by the Sendai tourism, Convention and International Association
(Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association)
(Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association)
(Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association)
Saitama City,
Saitama Prefecture
Tourism and International Exchange Division, Department of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Economy Bureau
Chiba City,
Chiba Prefecture
International Relations Section, Executive Office of the Mayor,
General Affairs Bureau
* Japanese language program is offered by the Chiba City International Association.

(Chiba City International Association)
Yokohama City,
Kanagawa Prefecture
Policy and General Affairs Division,
International Affairs Bureau

(Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges)
Kawasaki City,
Kanagawa Prefecture
Lifelong Learning Promotion Section, Board of Education http://kawasakinihongo.blog12.

(Kawasaki-shi Chiiki Nihongo Renrakukai)
Sagamihara City,
Kanagawa Prefecture
City Sales and Friendship Division,
Public Relations Department,
General Affairs Bureau

(Sagamihara International Lounge)
Niigata City,
Niigata Prefecture
Foreign Affairs Division, Tourism and International Exchange Department
* Japanese language classes are offered by the Niigata City International Exchange Foundation.
(Niigata City International Exchange Foundation)
(Niigata City International Exchange Foundation)
(Niigata City International Exchange Foundation)
Shizuoka City,
Shizuoka Prefecture
Gender Equality, NPO and Multicultural Affairs Division,
Civic Affairs Bureau
(Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange)
Hamamatsu City,
Shizuoka Prefecture
International Affairs Division,
General Planning Department

(Hamamatsu Foreign Resident Study Support Center)

(Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication and Exchange)
Nagoya City,
Aichi Prefecture
Planning and Survey Team, International Exchange Division, Mayor’s Office  
Kyoto City,
Kyoto Prefecture
International Relations Office, General Planning Bureau
Osaka City,
Osaka Prefecture
International Affairs Department, Business and International Promotion Division, Economic Strategy Bureau
(Living information for foreigners)
Sakai City,
Osaka Prefecture
International Affairs Department
Culture and Tourism Bureau
Kobe City,
Hyogo Prefecture
International Department
Mayor’s Office  
Okayama City,
Okayama Prefecture
International Affairs Division, Citizens Cooperation Bureau
(Okayama City International Exchange Council)
Hiroshima City,
Hiroshima Prefecture
Human Rights Education Division, Human Rights Education Department, Citizens Affairs Bureau

(Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation)
Kitakyushu City,
Fukuoka Prefecture
International Policy Division, General Affairs and Planning Bureau (Kitakyushu International Association)
(Kitakyushu International Association)
Fukuoka City,
Fukuoka Prefecture
International Section, General Planning Bureau kokusaikikaku.GAPB@
(Fukuoka City International Foundation)
Kumamoto City,
Kumamoto Prefecture
Kumamoto International Foundation