Core cities

Municipality, Prefecture Department/Division URL e-mail Local Japanese
Asahikawa City Asahikawa International Committee (Office: International Exchange Division)      
Aomori City Team for the Promotion of International Exchange,
Department of Citizens’ Cooperation
Akita City International Exchange Officer,
Planning and Coordination Division  
Koriyama City Urban Exchange Office,
Urban Development Policy Division,
General Policy Department
Iwaki City Iwaki International Association (Iwaki City Hall, Division of Coordination and Citizenry Affairs)  
Utsunomiya City Utsunomiya City International Association
Kawagoe City Cultural Affairs Division, Culture and Sports Department
Funabashi City International Exchange Office,
Secretary Division
(Funabashi International Relations Association)
Yokosuka City International Relations Division, 
Policy Promotion Department

(Yokosuka International Association)
Toyama City School Guidance Division,
Board of Education
Kanazawa City International Exchange Division (*division in charge of policies on international exchange), Cultural Exchange Department, Urban Policy Bureau  
Nagano City International Relations Section, Secretary Division, Planning and Policy Department
Gifu City International Affairs Division  
Toyota City International Division
General Planning Department (1)

(Toyota International Association)

(Japanese Language Learning Support System for Toyota City)
Okazaki City Culture and International Affairs Division,
Department of Environmental and Civic Affairs  
Toyohashi City Multicultural Society and International Affairs Division
Takatsuki City Takatsuki International Association http://www.takatsuki-intl  
Himeji City International Exchange Section, Cultural Exchange Division, Citizens’ Participation Department, Exchange Promotion Bureau http://www.himeji-iec

(Himeji Cultural and International Exchange Foundation)
Nara City Tourism and Exchange Division  
Wakayama City International Exchange Division, Secretariat and Public Relations
Department, Executive Office of the Mayor  
Kurashiki City International Affairs Office, Culture and Tourism Division, Culture and Industry Bureau
Fukuyama City Human Rights Promotion Section, Town Development Department, Citizen Station   jinken-suishin@
Takamatsu City School Education Division, Education Department, Takamatsu City Board of Education  
Matsuyama City Matsuyama International Center
Kochi City World Peace and International Exchange Section, General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department  
Nagasaki City International Affairs Division, Department of Culture and Tourism
Oita City Internationalization Promotion Section, Cultural and International Affairs Division, Planning Department  
Miyazaki City International Exchange Office, Local Community Division
Kagoshima City School Guidance Division,
Board of Education  
Higashiosaka City Cultural and International Affairs Section, Department of Human Rights and Culture
Hakodate City International Affairs Division, Planning Department
Shimonoseki City International Affairs Division,
General Policy Department
Morioka City Gender and International Affairs Division,
Community Affairs
Kashiwa City [1] International Relations Office
[2] Central Public Hall, Board of Education
[3] Training Department, Board of Education




Nishinomiya City Nishinomiya City International Association
Kurume City Nishinomiya City International Association  
Maebashi City Culture and International Affairs Division, Policy Department  
Otsu City International Cultural Exchange Division,
Civic Affairs Department  
Amagasaki City Municipal Central Citizens’ Hall
Board of Education