Emergency Comprehensive Aid Package for Cultural Art Activities

FY2020 Third Supplementary Budget

FY2020 Third Supplementary Budget(82.7KB)

FY2020 Secondary Supplementary Budget

FY2020 Secondary Supplementary Budget(216.9KB)

Overview of the FY2020 Primary Supplementary Budget

- Project for Infection Prevention Measures for Cultural Facilities 2.1 Billion Yen

This project will fund infection prevention measures (i.e., adoption of a time-reserved visitor system, installation of infrared cameras, air conditioning equipment, air purifiers, alcohol disinfectant, etc.) at cultural facilities such as museums, theaters, and music halls.

- Art Caravan by Artists and Local Cultural Art Organizations Including Students and Amateur Performers 1.3 Billion Yen

This project will revive the enthusiasm for cultural arts by having fine art organizations, artists, and local public organizations, etc., from various genres join forces to hold a caravan of art events throughout Japan. The events will showcase theatrical arts, media arts, traditional performing arts, lifestyle culture, international cultural exchanges, diverse cultural workshops for children, and various exhibitions.

- Project to Create Hands-on Cultural Art Experiences for Children 1.3 Billion Yen

Numerous art appreciation workshops and children’s plays were forced to cancel as schools temporarily closed. This project will restore interest in cultural activities by expanding opportunities for children to appreciate and experience cultural art performances of good quality.

- Project to Strengthen the Earning Capacity of Cultural Facilities by Utilizing Cutting-edge Technologies 1.4 Billion Yen

This project aims to drastically reform the art appreciation environments, which diminished due to the closure of cultural facilities, into a self-reliant business operation by practicing new arts appreciation models, such as streaming of high-resolution theatrical art contents, and museum exhibitions using high-resolution video.

(Initiatives in collaboration with other ministries and authorities)

“Promoting the Creation of Global Demand for Contents” (tentative name)

(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

・This initiative will provide contents-related business operators (including traditional performance arts) with partial funding for promoting operation overseas.

“Go To Events Campaign” (tentative name)

(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

・This campaign will give discounts and coupons to consumers who purchased tickets for events or entertainment to be held during a specified period of time.

“Support for Medium and Small-Sized Business Struggling with Business Continuity”

2.3 Trillion Yen (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

・As for support programs operated by other ministries and authorities, we will cooperate to make these programs applicable to the cultural arts and a wide range of other businesses, and provide information about specific programs that are available to cultural art professionals according to their individual needs.

FY2020 primary supplementary budget to support culture and the arts(190.6KB)

Further information on FY2020 primary supplementary budget(438.6KB)