9th Japan Cultural Envoys Debriefing Session

On March 1st, 2010, the Agency for Cultural Affairs held the 9th Japan Cultural Envoys Debriefing Session at the Sanen Hall of Zojoji Temple.

The Agency for Cultural Affairs has been appointing people committed to cultural activities, such as artists, cultural specialists and so on, as "Japan Cultural Envoys." This undertaking aims to deepen the international community’s understanding of Japanese culture, and to build connections between artists and cultural experts in Japan and abroad.
In the beginning of the session, Seiichi Kondo, Commissioner for Cultural Affairs welcomed the participants and Cultural Envoys who had finished their overseas missions in fiscal 2010 and 2011, who reported on their activities under the facilitation of Taeko Nagai, Vice President of Setagaya Arts Foundation.

Eight Cultural Envoys reported on their activities: Reijiro Tsumura (FY2010, Noh performer), Seiji Iwami (FY2010, cartoon artist), Madoka Mayuzumi (FY2010, Haiku poet), Yasutoshi Yasuda (FY2010, Igo/Shogi specialist), Kenji Yamauchi (FY2010, actor), Tousen Usuda (FY2011, Japanese calligrapher and Kokuji artisan), Hisako Tokitomo (FY2011, dyeing artisan), and Katsunari Sawada (FY2010, Tsugaru shamisen player) (Listed in order of appearance). They reported on the outlines and results of the activities with demonstrations (by Mr. Tsumura and Mr. Sawada) and slides. A panel discussion followed with all participants under the facilitation of Ms. Nagai. The session attracted people involved in cultural affairs as well as visitors who listened to the reports with enthusiasm. The session closed with great success.

There was also an informal gathering after the debriefing session at which the participants, Mr. Kondo, previous Envoys, Mr. Kondo (Commissioner for Cultural Affairs), and various people involved in cultural affairs, met and shared their opinions on international cultural exchange and spreading Japanese culture.