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About the website

1. Links

Links may be made to our website without any restrictions, including links to individual web pages or projects in addition to the home page. 
However, exceptions may apply, if the individual page indicates any specific restrictions on links.
While prior notification is not required, please keep the following notes in mind when you make links:

(1) Indicate that the link leads to the official website of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

(2) Do not link in a way that makes it appear as though the Agency for Cultural Affairs website is a part of any other website.
   Make sure that links to our website open in a new window.

Use the logo image below to create links to our website that incorporate the logo of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
This image may not be used for any purposes other than linking to our website (Logo).

Logo image Link to
Logo image

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2. Copyright

All the individual pieces of information published on the Agency for Cultural Affairs website are copyright protected. 
The Agency for Cultural Affairs website in its entirety is also copyright protected, which is the property of its editors, and is also protected under the Japanese Copyright Law and relevant international treaties.
Please use the contents published on this website in accordance with the MEXT Website Usage Policy.

3. Disclaimer

Every effort is made to provide accurate information on this website. However, the Agency for Cultural Affairs takes no responsibility for any actions taken by users based on information published on this website.

4. Other

Please note that the content of this website is subject to change or deletion without notice.