G20 Culture Ministers’ Meeting

July 31, 2021

The Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs TOKURA Shunichi participated in the G20 Culture Ministers’ meeting held on 29-30 July in Rome, Italy. The commissioner addressed participants in his keynote speech on the topic “Addressing climate change through culture”. The ministers adopted a Ministerial Declaration.

1.Background / Summary

  • In a proposal by Saudi Arabia during its G20 Presidency in 2020, it was agreed that culture and art should be included as a major issue in the G20 process. In November 2020, the first G20 Ministers’Meeting was held within the G20 framework (State Minister TAKAHASHI Hinako attended the online meeting as a representative of Japan).
  • Under the current G20 Presidency held by Italy this year, the ministers held a face-to-face discussion in the following five areas:(1)Protection of cultural heritage,(2)Addressing climate change,(3)Building capacity through training and education,(4)Digital transition and new technologies for culture,(5)Culture and creative sectors as the drivers for development. A Ministerial Declaration was adopted.
  • The Commissioner for the Agency of Cultural Affairs TOKURA Shunichi participated as a representative from Japan. In his keynote speech in subject area (2), the commissioner stressed the importance of “Addressing climate change through culture”.
  • ・Indonesia is scheduled to assume the G20 Presidency in 2022, and India in 2023.

2.Summary of Commissioner TOKURA Shunichi’s keynote speech:(Attachment 1)

3.Summary of Ministerial Declaration:(Attachment 2)