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PR Magazine

Religious Affairs

  • Shumu Jiho (News on Religious Affairs)

    The Religious Affairs Division of the Cultural Affairs Department has been issuing Shumu Jiho (News on Religious Affairs) magazine since 1964. The magazine features editorials by experts, court cases on religions, and trends in the religious affairs administration to provide resources for the religious world and parties concerned.

Pamphlets on Cultural Properties

  • List of pamphlets on the preservation and utilization of cultural properties

  • Soran Toroku Yukei Bunkazai Kenzobutsu 5000 (Comprehensive List of 5,000 Registered Tangible Cultural Properties (Structure) ) (Japanese only)

    The system of cultural properties registration was created by an amendment to the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties in 1996 and during the nine years following since then, over 5,000 structures were registered.
    This system allowed for the protection of various historic buildings that are found casually by registering them as cultural properties, and provided local communities with cultural hubs that owners and locals can utilize and enjoy through various active efforts. These registered tangible cultural properties, together with other important cultural properties, will be honored in Japanese culture and help improve cultural awareness. They will also contribute to community development and the promotion of culture and tourism at the center of the local community.
    The Agency for Cultural Affairs has developed a publication to introduce the results and future goals of cultural properties registration, their current status of preservation and utilization at each location, and major registered structures. Registered structures are introduced in a list and their details are covered comprehensively in this book.

Complicated by: Cultural Properties Department, Agency for Cultural Affairs Soran Toroku Yukei Bunkazai Kenzobutsu 5000 (Comprehensive List of 5,000 Registered Tangible Cultural Properties (Structure))
Size/Pages: A4/328 pages
Date of issue: November 30, 2005