Statistics and Survey Research

Opinion Survey

  • Opinion survey on culture

  • Opinion survey on the Japanese language

Research on Public Administration

  • Research on cultural administration

  • Cultural administration at a local level

Research on Cultural Exchange and International Contributions

  • Research on cultural policies abroad (Fiscal 2012)

    The Agency is collecting basic information on the state of cultural promotion measures abroad, to help design and strengthen future promotional measures in Japan.

  • Research program for the implementation of the Culture City of East Asia (Fiscal 2012)

    This program involves providing basic information on European Capitals of Culture and Cultural Creative Cities overseas, and research on related measures to prepare programs for the first Culture City of East Asia in 2012. The research also targets Cultural Creative Cities in Japan, involving collection and analysis of necessary information.

  • Research program on overseas artist-in-residence initiatives (Fiscal 2012)

    In 2011 the Agency for Cultural Affairs introduced the Program to Create an International Base for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, to create in Japan an international base for creating and promoting arts and culture by supporting artist-in-residence initiatives as hubs for creation and cross-cultural exchange.
    Research work on artist-in-residence programs in the West will identify the commonalities between programs in Japan and those in the West as well as the uniqueness of Japanese programs, by comparing the situation in various countries. At the same time, the ideal state of an artist-in-residence program in Japan will be discussed, to improve and strengthen future programs.

Research on Copyright

  • Research and other work on copyright

  • Copyright infringements overseas (ant-piracy measures)

Japanese Language

  • Research on the actual state of Japanese language education

  • Research on future measures for promoting Japanese language education

  • Research report on the evaluation on Japanese language instruction skills (Fiscal 2010)

Research on Religious Affairs

  • Statistical research on religious organizations

  • Research into the status of religions in Foreign Countries

  • Collection of resources on religious matters among foreign residents in Japan

  • Collection of resources on religion related statistics

Research on Cultural Properties

  • Research on modern gardens and parks (FY2009-2011)

  • General survey on Places of Scenic Beauty - nationwide survey (location survey) (FY2011-2012)

  • Research on the effective promotion and utilization of cultural properties (FY2014)

    There has been increasing recognition that the effective utilization of cultural properties will contribute to local development, the promotion of tourism, and ultimately a revitalization of the local economy. Cultural properties are expected to have a greater impact and play more important roles. However, awareness of cultural properties as local assets remains low in Japan and overseas, and in some cases promotional activities do not necessarily yield the expected effects and or play the expected roles.

    In this situation, and with a view to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Research on Effective Promotion and Utilization of Cultural Properties was launched to ensure that cultural properties are preserved as our national assets, and promoted and utilized in a way that their appeal is highlighted while paying close attention to their features and preservation.