ACA National Arts Festival ACA National Arts Festival

Since 1946, the Agency for Cultural Affairs (ACA) National Arts Festival has been held every autumn with the aims of enabling a wide segment of the public to enjoy outstanding works of art from Japan and abroad, encouraging artistic creativity, and advancing the arts.
The National Arts Festival is composed of the sponsored performances, the cosponsored performances, and participating performances and works. Sponsored performances are either given by the executive committee, or by artists who have been commissioned to perform by the executive committee. The cosponsored performances are by artists with outstanding artistic achievements who perform during the National Arts Festival under the commission of the executive committee. Their performances are expected to be suitable to the objective of the festival. The participating performances are chosen and approved as suitable works for the National Arts Festival in the four categories of performances (theater, music, dance, and popular entertainment) and four categories of production (TV dramas, TV documentaries, radio, and recordings).
Performances and productions that entered for the participating performances compete with each other and awards are presented to outstanding performances by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Grand Prize, Excellence Award, and New Artist Award).