International Exchange/Cooperation

Reinforcing Japanese Language Education

Japanese Language Division, Cultural Affairs Department

The number of Japanese language learners has been increasing as the number of foreigners increases and international exchange with other countries expands. There are currently about 130,000 Japanese language learners in Japan (as of November 1, 2011 and based on a survey conducted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs) and 3.65 million abroad (as of 2010 and based on a survey by the Japan Foundation).
As a basis for spreading culture, the popularization of the Japanese language and Japanese language education are vital, and must be promoted actively in order to respond to the increase in Japanese language learners and the diverse goals of those learners, both in Japan and abroad.
The Agency for Cultural Affairs conducts various measures to make this happen.

Grants and Support

  • Japanese Literature Publishing Project: JLPP

  • Project for Supporting International Art Exchange

    This program provides support to overseas performances by Japanese professional art groups, international joint art production and performances, and an international festival of theatrical art held in Japan. The goals are: to raise the artistic quality of Japanese art groups, reinforce their ability to send messages overseas, increase Japan's presence, and contribute to the promotion of the Nation Based on Culture and the Arts.

    Project Overview
    "Overseas Performances": This project assists Japanese art groups in participating in overseas festivals.
    "International Joint Art Production and Performance": This project assists the joint production and performance of theatrical art with overseas artistic associations whether it is in Japan or abroad.
    "Exchange with East Asian Countries": This project assists various activities related to exchange with East Asian countries.
    "International Festival": This project assists international festivals of theatrical art held in Japan.

  • Project for Promoting the Dissemination of Modern Art Overseas

    This project aims to reinforce the competitive edge of Japanese modern art and cultivate its potential to communicate transnationally. It also creates opportunities for people to develop familiarity with modern art. The project encourages and assists excellent modern art creators and their works in participating in international art festivals, and provides support to domestic art festivals that are influential in promoting Japanese modern art overseas. Creators and curators in Japan are given increased opportunities to create and present art work internationally.


Arts and Culture Division, Cultural Affairs Department