Commending Artists

Various awards have been established to recognize outstanding instances of artistic achievement and other distinguished cultural contributions.

Type of Award Description FY Founded
Order of Culture The Order of Culture is awarded to an individual in recognition of outstanding achievements related to the development of culture.
Recipients of the Order of Culture are normally chosen from among past recipients of the Person of Cultural Merit award of the previous fiscal year or earlier.
Person of Cultural Merit The Person of Cultural Merit award was established to provide a lifetime pension to an individual who has rendered particularly distinguished service related to the advancement and development of culture. 1951
Japan Art Academy An honorary society that gives special recognition to outstanding artists and related personnel, the Japan Art Academy was founded in 1919 as the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, underwent further reorganization, and eventually assumed its present name in 1947.
The Academy currently has one director and up to 120 members belonging to fine arts, literature, music, drama, or dance fields.
It also presents the Imperial Prize and the Japan Art Academy Prize to non-members with outstanding achievements.
Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Award This award is conferred by the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs to individuals who have made distinguished accomplishment in artistic and cultural activities. 1989
Regional Cultural Merits Award The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology presents this award in recognition of efforts by individuals and groups that make significant contributions to regional culture, such as the promotion of culture or the protection of cultural properties. 1983
Art Encouragement Prizes The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Art Encouragement Prize or the Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists are presented to persons whose outstanding achievements have opened up new vistas in a given year. They each are awarded in 11 fields: drama, film, music, dance, literature, fine arts, broadcasting, popular entertainment, development of the arts, criticism, and media arts. 1950
Japan Media Arts Festival Awards The Agency of Cultural Affairs commends outstanding works of media arts, a Grand Prize, Excellence Awards, and New Face Awards are presented for each of the four divisions of Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga.
In addition, a Special Achievement Award is presented to those who have made significant contributions to the field of media arts.
(Awards are presented by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
ACA Film Award This award is presented for an excellent film and a person with outstanding achievements in relevant fields, in order to contribute to improving and developing Japanese cinema. 2003

* There are also systems of decoration and medals of honor in addition to the above.