Documentary Films of Craft Techniques

The Agency for Cultural Affairs designs and produces documentary films of traditional craft techniques that have been designated Important Intangible Cultural Properties. The films record footage of craft techniques that are hard to depict with documents and photos, and help to preserve Intangible Cultural Properties. The films also serve as education or research materials to train successors of the techniques.
Filmmaking began in 1971 and a total of 58 film have been produced by the end of FY2015.
These documentary films are available for purchase from filmmakers in DVD, film, or video.


Mumyoi-yaki (pottery)
- Techniques of ITO Sekisui V (produced in 2013)

Najio Gampi-shi

Najio Gampi-shi (paper making)
- Techniques of TANINO Takenobu (produced in 2013)


Setoguro (pottery)
- Techniques of KATO Kozo (produced in 2013)


Hosokawa-shi (paper making)
(produced in 2013)