Registered Tangible Cultural Property, Office Building of Former Monbusho (Ministry of Education)

Date of registration : October 2, 2007
Registration number : 13-0216
Location : Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Year of construction : 1932
Structure : Six-story steel-frame reinforced concrete, 3,043 square meters of building area, with tower
Photo: Exterior


Photo: Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

Photo: Elevator Hall

Elevator Hall

Photo: Front exterior

Front exterior

Photo: Minister's Chamber

Minister's Chamber

(Photo by Daisuke Takeda)

Description :
This is a model of post-earthquake reconstruction in the Kasumigaseki administrative district. The building was designed by the Building and Repairs Administrate Bureau of the Ministry of Finance and constructed by the Obayashi Corporation. It is a six-story steel-frame reinforced concrete building with scratch tiles applied to the exterior. It features a façade design with large square windows and an emphasis on the vertical line on the upper entrance hall. The year of construction is based on the text left on Munafuda (a wooden ridge plaque, March 16, 1932).