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Introduction to “Bunka-cho Art Platform Japan”

Goals of the Project

Art Platform Japan, a project initiated by Bunka-cho or the Agency of Cultural Affairs, aims to maintain the sustainable development of the contemporary art scene in Japan, to gather a wide range of counsel from professionals in the field, and to promote methods to further the international reputation of Japanese artists and artists working in Japan. With Contemporary Art Committee Japan (CACJ) as the steering committee, the various working groups that comprise this project strive to establish an international network of experts to conduct research, to produce translations of important and overlooked texts on contemporary Japanese art, to facilitate the dissemination of information within and outside Japan through the use of digital media, and to build a database that collects vast information of artworks held by museums across Japan, and ultimately to provide an environment that supports art activities.


For the 2021 fiscal year, this project managed by the National Art Center, Tokyo as appointed by Japan’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

Contract Period

This is planned to be a 5-year project that runs through March 2023, with a budget that is renewed per fiscal term.

The 2021 fiscal year term runs from April 1, 2021, through March 31, 2022.

For more information, please contact

Bureau of Art Platform Japan
Agency for Cultural Affairs

c/o General Affairs Division, The National Art Center, Tokyo
7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8558 Japan

Email: bureau@bunka-artplatform.jp

Working Projects

Through the following efforts that comprise the project, Art Platform Japan aims to realize the revitalization and the sustainable development of the art scene in Japan:

  • 1)Bunka-cho Contemporary Art Workshop Working Group

    This working group organizes annual invitational workshops that aim to build an international network of art professionals.

  • 2)Translation Working Group

    To encourage research that would lead to a raised international reputation of Japanese contemporary art, this working group aims to translate texts (such as publications, reviews, academic papers, catalog essays) on post-war art that are of high relevance and to publish them overseas and on a bilingual website.

  • 3)Website Working Group

    This working group stems from often-received feedback from professionals overseas that information on art in Japan is not readily and easily available. A website that aims to disseminate information regarding contemporary art in Japan is currently being developed.

  • 4)Collection Database

    This working group aims to compile a comprehensive cross-reference database of artworks in museums in Japan. Such global sharing of information on cultural property will allow for domestic and overseas professionals to easily access information necessary to conduct research and study.

  • 5)Other Projects

    a)Implementing research on improving the international reputation of contemporary art in Japan.
    b)Implementing initiatives to strategically promote the global dissemination of contemporary Japanese artists and artists in Japan, through supporting those who have gained international opportunities and hosting symposia.

Steering Committee (Contemporary Art Committee Japan)

As the steering committee of this project, the Contemporary Art Committee Japan will be established by the collective effort of a wide range of parties from art professionals, critics, members of art-related media, academics, to collectors.

Achievements for 2020 Fiscal Year

March 15, 2021 | Art Platform Japan website launch (Beta version) (English / Japanese)
Programs (English / Japanese)
SHŪZŌ: Japanese Museum Collections Search (English / Japanese)
Texts (English / Japanese)
Research Projects (English / Japanese)
Press Release (English / Japanese)
August 2020–January 2021 | Bunka-cho Art Platform Japan Webinar Series
Contemporary Art After the Coronavirus and its Ecology (English / Japanese)

Achievements for 2019 Fiscal Year

September 11, 2019 | Bunka-cho Art Platform Japan Symposium
The Globalization of the Art World and “Japan”: Outlook into the current state and the future
Review on RealTokyo (English / Japanese)

Achievements for 2018 Fiscal Year

March 19-21, 2019 | Japan Contemporary Art Summit
“Trans/National: Narrating Contemporary Art after Globalization”
‐ Review on RealTokyo:Open Keynote Lecture (1) Alexandra Munroe: “Japanese Art in America: Reflections on my Life’s Work as Curator, Scholar and Activist.”
‐ Review on RealTokyo:Open Keynote Lecture (2) David Elliott: “Reconstruction, Transmission, and Stereotype: Three approaches towards contemporary Japanese Art.”
March 16, 2019 | Bunka-cho Symposium
“How to Effectively Carry on Art Assets into the Future: Proposals for Legal and Institutional Design for a Collecting Culture”
Japanese archival content:
Official announcement
Bunka-cho YouTube Channel: Keynote Speech1| Presentations1, 2 & 3, 4 & 5 |
Panel Discussion1
Bijutu-ten Navi(In 3 parts)
November 30, 2018 | Bunka-cho Symposium
“Succession to the Next Generation Through the Assessment of Artistic Assets: The Expected Role of Museums”
Japanese archival content:
Official announcement
YouTube Bunka-cho Channel: Keynote Speeches1| Dialogue1| Panel Discussion123
Artscape article
Japanese Art Industry Market Research Report 2018
Contemporary Art Exhibitions in Japan (1953-2018) — Museum Exhibition List & Bibliography of Exhibition Catalogues (Compiled by Masatoshi Nakajima)
PDF (12MB / Total 1,652 pages) *Japanese only